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Infectious disease lab testing


Rapid turn-around time is critical in getting accurate test results. We test and collect on-site for a more pleasant test experience.  Lab results include cost containment treatment recommendations, (pill, injection, IV) all listed along with the cost per dosage.

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Reduced Readmittance Rates

Reduced readmission rates

The long-term care facility is often dependent on broad-spectrum hospital services, causing high re-admittance rates due to lack of proper identification. The hospital usually prescribes a broad-spectrum treatment that may knock out only the weaker bacteria; but once the patient returns, bacteria re-emerge, and the patient is resistant to recommended antibiotic treatment.

UTI Testing

Due to a lack of accurate diagnostics, UTIs are often misdiagnosed then inappropriately treated. Conventional culture and sensitivity tests can take 3-7 days to return. These results may be limited since they detect only the most common pathogens (like E coli); yet there are numerous other UTI-causing pathogens that are usually missed because they do not easily grow in a culture medium.


UTI Testing
Covid-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing including Flu A/B

When it comes to COVID-19 testing, the choice of test type usually is a choice between accuracy and speed. A COVID-19 antigen test can provide results quickly, but the RT-qPCR test, used by BMD, is considered the gold standard for COVID-19 testing, as it provides a more definitive answer as to whether an individual has the virus in their body. In fact, in situations where antigen testing is used for rapid screening, negative results are often sent to the lab for confirmatory RT-qPCR testing to verify if the individual is indeed virus-free. FluA/B testing included at no additional cost. (Zero cost for staff and residents.) 

Phlebotomy Services

We can collect from your location and deliver results within 24 hours. This eliminates your costs and risks associated with transporting patients.

Phlebotomy Services

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